Through superior service and expert knowledge, McClendon Cash seeks to develop the talent within your firm to its highest potential, using specialized organization development strategies custom-tailored to your unique needs. We will partner with your organization to create a plan that optimizes strategic goals and aligns with the mission.

Fresh perspectives to meet the challenges of today's business.


Ready to turn dreams into accomplishments? Looking for help to get unstuck? Driven to elevate your career trajectory?


Coaching is a proven approach for defining goals, increasing self-awareness, improving relationships, and boosting satisfaction. Whether you are seeking career coaching, leadership development, or life transition coaching, we can help! We'll seek, together, to lay out the path and to remove obstacles.


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Personality assessments provide a foundation for understanding ourselves and those around us. However, reliability and validity are crucial when choosing an appropriate assessment tool. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0 meets the highest standards. Learn about the 5 supertraits and the 23 underlying subtraits of personality.


Feedback is information, not positive or negative. We can utilize it to optimize communication, strengthen leadership, energize teams, and focus professional development. 

Get out of the grind of the same boring conference calls day after day. Head off the multitasking. Carve out the critical time you need to eliminate distractions, engage, collaborate, and work together to develop those key strategies you know you need to focus on. What's stopping you from starting right now? 

Team building.

Leadership development.

Brainstorming sessions.

Creativity workshops.



Collaborating to facilitate awareness, moving toward positive change, and inspiring creativity.




WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0™

Certified Consultant


The Actualized Leader Profile is a 57-item assessment that measures leadership  style based on individual motivation. 

The Group Culture Profile is a 25-item group assessment that measures the emotional intelligence (EQ) and resulting "culture" of teams and organizations. 

Actualized Leader & Group Culture Profiles
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